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Care, Support & Treatment

Care, Support and Treatment


Aim/Objective: CST Division will implement comprehensive HIV care for all those who are in need of such services and facilitate additional support systems for women and children affected and infected with HIV / AIDS.

Comprehensive Care includes:

  • Provision of Anti-retroviral treatment (ART) including second line and third line
  • Monitoring of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) on ART
  • Management of opportunistic infections
  • Facilitating social protection through linkages with concerned Departments/Ministries.
  • Psycho-social Support
  • Counseling


 Particulars Achievement
1 Ever Registered in HIV Care 14744
2 Currently Alive and on First line ART 8568 (88.15%)
3 Currently Alive and on Second line ART 123
4 Children registered in HIV care 495  
5 Children alive and on ART 436  
6Cumulative Pre-ART Death 738
7 Cumulative ART Death 1474
8 Cumulative Pre-ART Lost to Follow Up (LFU) 1181
9 Cumulative ART Lost to Follow Up (LFU) 1473 (13.2%)
10 HIV Pregnant Women initiated on ART 100%
11 HIV-TB client initiated on ART 95.2%

Facilities under CST Division:

1) ART Plus CentreCivil Hospital,Aizawl
2) ART Centre1) District Hospital, Lunglei
2) District hospital, Champhai
3) FI-ART Centre1) Kulikawn Hospital
2) District Hospital, Kolasib
3) District Hospital, Mamit
4) Linked ART Centre (LAC) PlusDistrict Hospital, Saiha
5) Linked ART Centre (LAC)1) District Hospital, Serchhip
2) CHC, Khawzawl
3) District Hospital, Lawngtlai
4) CHC, Sakawrdai
5) CHC, Vairengte
6) CHC, Kawrthah
7) PHC, West Phaileng
8) CSC, Aizawl
6) Care Support Centre (CSC)1) Aizawl
2) Lunglei
3) Champhai
7) Co-Located ART and OST Centre (CAOC)1) MSR DIC
2) Living Hope DIC
3) Samaritan Society DIC
4) Shalom DIC
5) Champhai AIDS Do Pawl DIC
6) Cod Nerc DIC

Partnered NGO:

 Partnered NGOAreas of Support
1UW-ITECHTechnical Assistance, Data management, Programme Monitoring
2HIV AllianceCare and Support of ART clients, Client tracking and visit etc
3Plan India/TCI ExpressSupply chain management of ARV drugs
4MetropolisViral Load Testing

Innovations and Good Practices:

  1. Co-located ART and OST centre (CAOC): CAOC implemented at 6 Targeted Intervention Drop in centres (DIC) for ART Clients who are Injecting Drug Users (IDU)
  2. Differentiated Service Delivery Model at ART Plus Centre, Aizawl for decongestion of the centre
  3. Data cross verification utilizing three data sources from ART centres (Master-linelist, Monthly progress Report and Invention Monitoring System)

Way Forward:

  1. ART Through Prison (ATP): ATP implemented at Central Jail, Aizawl. Initiation and dispensation of ART in Central Jail through ICTC
  2. Scale up of ART centres for the district of Lawngtlai, Serchhip and Saiha
  3. Link ART Centre at all probable CHCs and PHCs
  4. ART Refill at Closed Settings e.g. Reformed Centres, TBCC etc
  5. ART Refill at other private HIV service provider e.g. IVPHEN, CSC,  Positive networks
  6. ART Extension at PWNM, Aizawl to decongest ART Plus Centre. Stable clients will be shifted to this extension and it will be overseen by one ART staff posted there.
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