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National Award of Certificate of Excellence to ICTCs by NACO

The Quality Management System (QMS) design and implementation under the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) has been a unique intervention not only nationally, but also in the context of global HIV programmes.

The QMS was designed based on National and International guidelines, World Health Organization (WHO) and Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines. This is the first of its kind model in India in collaboration with CDC and SHARE INDIA which was successfully implemented by Mizoram State AIDS Control Society within the state in 3 focused district of Aizawl, Champhai and Lunglei.

QMS has been developed primarily focussing on the Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres (ICTCs) which cater to the clientele who access HIV testing services. The QMS implementation process seeks to ensure that the ICTCs achieve standards of good laboratory practices (GLP) in HIV testing. This is a step wise improvement process with an inbuilt mechanism of technical assistance for gap mitigation.

All 18 ICTCs received the “Certificate of Excellence” from NACO on 29 th August 2019. It has proven that the implementation of QMS in the ICTCs impact the overall quality of HIV tests in 18 ICTCs in three focused districts of Mizoram.

List of 18 Stand Alone ICTC receiving Certificate of Excellence

Sl. No.DistrictName of Centre
1AizawlICTC Civil Hospital, Aizawl (District Aizawl)
2AizawlPPTCT Civil Hospital, Aizawl (District Aizawl)
3AizawlCommunity Health Centre Sakawrdai (District Aizawl)
4AizawlTB Centre Falkawn (District Aizawl)
5AizawlReferral Hospital Falkawn (District Aizawl)
6AizawlKulikawn Hospital (District Aizawl)
7AizawlCommunity Health Centre Darlawn (District Aizawl)
8AizawlSub District Hospital Saitual (District Aizawl)
9AizawlPrimary Health Centre Thingsulthiah (District Aizawl)
10AizawlSynod Hospital Durtlang (District Aizawl)
11ChamphaiCommunity Health Centre Khawzawl (District-Champhai)
12ChamphaiCommunity Health Centre Ngopa (District-Champhai)
13ChamphaiPrimary Health Centre Khawbung (District-Champhai)
14ChamphaiDistrict Hospital Champhai (District-Champhai)
15LungleiChristian Hospital Serkawn (District-Lunglei)
16LungleiCivil Hospital Lunglei (District-Lunglei)
17LungleiSub District Hospital Tlabung (District-Lunglei)
18LungleiCommunity Health Centre Hnahthial (District-Lunglei)
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