Health Minister Dr. R.Lalthangliana Graced Sensitization Programme on HIV/AIDS for Christian Youth

9th December, 2019 Aizawl :  Sensitization programme on HIV/AIDS for Christian Youth Leaders was held today with Dr.R.Lalthangliana, Minister Health & Family Welfare.

Addressing the gatherings, the Minister urgred for all churches in Mizoram to fight against HIV/AIDS at their own level and asked all families to pray for it. The Minister said that the silent killer of our society being HIV/AIDS needs to be curbed from all corners.

Mizoram State Aids Control Society  (MSACS) Project Director Dr. Lalthlengliani gave a lecture on this sensitization programme and said that while the rate of AIDS/HIV is decreasing in the rest of the country, the situation in Mizoram is vice versa and as such the fight against this disease has to be from all corners.

She further said that it is a challenge faced by the state, government, churches and all NGOs. Dr.Lalthlengliani also stated that during the period 2019-20 (September) there are many new born infected children of which Aizawl district holds the highest number.

Because of all these reasons she urged that church leaders can play an important role in its prevention and that those infected needs their support.

The following topics were discussed:

1. Most of the church youth activities are done during nightime, can this have a negative effect?

2. Can relevant topics on society be teach more in children and youth ministries?

3. Is it time to have a blood test on HIV status before marriage?

4. Among the unmarried youth there are some who had unprotected sex and those who had shared needles, this target group needs to get blood test. Can this issue be said in a church more often?

More than 50 members from nine churches participated and decided to form Joint Working Committee to cambat HIV/AIDS on a larger scale as soon as possible

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