Health Minister Discussed HIV/AIDS Issues with Synod Church Leaders

September 4 2019 Aizawl : Mizoram Health Minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana invited Mizoram Presbyterian Church leaders – Officers Meeting to discuss the growing prevalence of HIV/AIDS and sought help from the church to fight the epidemic with the state’s health officials.

Dr. Lalthangliana stressed the important role played by the churches for Mizo society, family and each individual. He stated increasing rate of HIV infection cannot be effectively combat by MSACS alone and that prevention and awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS needs to be taken up and called on churches.

MSACS Project Director Dr. Lalthlengliani, presenting the current scenario of the state, among the 19631 infected with the disease, 11827 (66.08%) of HIV-positive cases from 2006 to March 2019 were transmitted sexually, while 5040 (28.16%) cases were through infected needles shared by intravenous drug users. She reported new detection of HIV during 2018-2019 rose to 9 a day and added that the new detection mainly from general population. The Presbyterian Church led by Moderator Rev. R. Lalhmingthanga also presented several efforts taken by the church in terms of preventions mainly through Social Front Committee and the Church’s Youth Organization. The Presbyterian Church provided special hospital for PLHIV in the Church’s Synod Hospital in Durtlang.

Among the officials presented in the programme include Dr. Thiamsanga, MLA, Health & Family Welfare Secretary Pu H.Lalengmawia, Principal Director Dr. F.Lallianhlira, and all the eight Synod OM with some MSACS representatives.

Health Minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana and Health officials with Synod OM members
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